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Davis Museum
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Saatchi Art

ilustrador publicitario storyboardista en Barcelona.

Venta de pinturas artísticas figurativas y contemporáneas al óleo sobre lienzo en Barcelona.

Ilustraciones publicitarias: shootingboards, storyboards, layouts e ilustraciones originales en Barcelona.

Artista visual y pintor artístico figurativo y contemporáneo, Barcelona.


Hello Davis Lisboa

How are you? Can you send me your email, I am prepare a big physical collective exhibition in Spain. I hope you will be ok to be a part of it. I I love your art! It will be amazing. I send you more information by email soon.


HUNTENKUNST: a Major International Art Manifestation in Holland

On the 15th, 16th and 17th of May 2020, the 28th edition of the Huntenkunst art festival will be held in the beautiful SSP Hall in the village of Ulft. Huntenkunst is a combination of art exhibition and art fair, offering a stage to a wide variety of styles and techniques currently seen in the world of contemporary visual arts.
Each year, around 230 artists from different countries around the world present their work in person against the white backdrop of their individual display unit. The physical presence of the artists themselves at the event adds much to its allure, judging from the large number of art enthusiasts from the Netherlands and abroad who are attracted to the event each year. Every year a country is selected to get extra attention. Next year the artists of Estonia will be highlighted.
Held in a large hall of no less than 5500 m2 of exhibition space, Huntenkunst prides itself on its vintage industrial location, which is a national heritage site known by the name of SSP Hall. Inside, you are welcomed into an atmospheric art village where artists and members of the public meet, connect and inspire each other.

Display units are charged at € 160,- each. No commission rates apply to any sales at the event. Huntenkunst strives for quality and applications are submitted to a strict balloting procedure. The deadline for the ballot is 1 October.

To participate in the ballot, please submit a USB stick or CD with a copy of your work and your resumé to:

The ballot committee of Huntenkunst
Dierenriem 11
NL-7071 TJ Ulft
The Netherlands

For further details please call us on:
0031 315 681961
0031 6 23456 476

or visit our website:


YOUR NAME on a monumental work of art exhibited in a famous ITALIAN MUSEUM of modern art. Created by Fabrizio Tedeschi, an international artist also present at Biennale Arte 2019 in Venice, it will consist of three 150x100cm panels. Each panel will contain one BIG size name and a number of small, medium and large size names defined by the number of backers.

And it's not all! With a minimal support you will receive a Litography of Tedeschi's Artwork - Signed by the Artist!

Support our great project to be reached by the end of the year: the integration of artificial intelligence into ArtID for the recognition of artworks.

"Usted que está mirando esta obra de arte decide si lo es".
Davis Lisboa

"Es una obra de arte como una catedral..."
Francesc Torres, artista contemporáneo, agosto de 2019.

"La obra de arte en la era de la reproducción algorítmica".
Davis Lisboa

279 Sherbrooke West, suite 205 Montréal QC Canada H2X 1Y2
art@gallerygora.com tel: + 1 (514) 879 9694

ATT: Davis Lisboa

We have viewed your works and would like to offer you the opportunity for an exhibition in Montreal for the year 2019/2020.

Gallery Gora is in the heart of downtown Montreal and receives over 10,000 visitors per year and organizes more then 50 events. The gallery is adjacent to the “Musée d’Art Contemporain” and other major museums. Gallery Gora has existed for more than 20 years and represents a number of Canadian and international contemporary artists. As an expanding cultural center in North America, Montreal increasingly attracts ‘cultural tourism’. It has two official languages (French and English) as well as many other tongues spoken by its multi-cultural population. This provides a base for a lively cultural scene that organizes a great array of events, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the International Film Festival and a Formula 1 car race.

Hello Davis Lisboa,

My name is Dafna Assouline and I'm a New York Curator. I found your work on instagram and I think its very special and amazing. Im looking for a select few artists to represent. Let me know if you want to possibly work together in New York as I can help get you into galleries, art fairs and receptions to ultimately get your work into the hands of collectors. I would also like to help enhance your bio and CV.

I do not charge any fees, only a percentage when we sell your work.

Wanna chat this week?

Dafna Assouline,
New York Curator

cell. (917) 627-4469
7 Franklin Place, New York, NY 10013

Portfolio Review

Congratulations Davis Lisboa!

Only a select few were chosen to meet with us.

We are currently holding portfolio reviews for NYA gallery in Manhattan for the Summer 2019 Season, and you were chosen for a portfolio review meeting with one of our gallery curators. Please call or email us today so we can start the review process.

Call 917-472-9015 - We are looking forward to talking to you!

NOTE: if you are not located near the gallery to physically come in THATS OK we can still review your work over the Phone, Skype, Email, Instagram your Website etc... (Phone preferred)

On the 1st Thursday of Every Month we hold an Art Walk from 6-9PM so we are trying to meet with you for one of these upcoming events throughout the year. We have 9000 sq ft, 3 levels with 6 galleries, 11 exhibitor booths located in TriBeCa at 7 Franklin Place, New York, NY 10013.

Call today and lets get you connected with our curators!

All the best!

We are OPEN 7 Days A Week 12-5PM EST
NYA • 7 Franklin Place, New York, NY 10013
ph. 917-472-9015

Bienal Internacional de Cartelismo Terras Gauda –
Concurso Francisco Mantecón 2019

Hola Davis Lisboa,

La Bienal Internacional de Cartelismo Terras Gauda – Concurso Francisco Mantecón 2019 abre la convocatoria de su 14ª edición.

Bodegas Terras Gauda invita a artistas gráficos, escuelas de diseño, asociaciones y universidades de todo el mundo a participar en el certamen de diseño gráfico de mayor relevancia convocado por una entidad privada a nivel internacional.


PREMIOS: 16.000€
FIN DE PLAZO: 30 de septiembre

Más información en la web: ver bases del Concurso


Hi Davis!

Amazing work! My name is Daryl. I am really interested in representing you in our physical location in TriBeCa New York, 3 levels & about 9000 sq ft. Send an email to me with 3 images and your artist bio, and my name. I am really excited to introduce you to our director.
D. Rashaan King - Art Consultant.

Hi Davis Lisboa,

My name is Nadine and I am the founder of Poppy Apparel. I saw your Instagram page and thought you would make a great match as an ambassador for our clothing. Maybe you could take a look at our site and see if you could agree?
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, here are some next steps:

1. Click here to join.

2. Post a picture of one of our products on Instagram using the guideline stated on the ambassador page (above).

3. For every sale that is made, you get 30% of the profit! So, let's say you have 20 sales at $20 each, and the profit level is at 50%. That means you make about $60! Usually, Instagrammers ask for a fixed price, let's say $40. This is actually to your disadvantage because you won't be able to capitalize fully on the sales generated by your post(s). As an affiliate, your potential earnings are without a limit. We will track the number of sales you make by the personalized discount code give above (step #1).

4. After this, I can provide bigger discounts for your followers in the future! Note: There is a chance that you will be featured on our Instagram with 8k followers.
If this sounds good, then awesome! Take a look below and at our Instagram for pics of other people who have joined our program. If you have questions, feel free to respond back to this email. :)


Founder, Poppy Apparel


Davis Lisboa:
I just want to stretch people’s notion about what an art museum can be.

Ines Rolo Amado:
And that certainly is a wonderfully inteligente, creative and imaginative thing to do!

PhD, Lecturer & Supervisor: Research PhD Visual Art, at De Montfort University
Hockliffe, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom.


For Davis Lisboa

No Participation Fee
Open to All Artistic Expression
deadline 20 July 2019
_ _ _

AIAPI | IAA/AIAP UNESCO Official Partner
Open the Selections for the International Contemporary Art Exhibition

Art Can Save The World
curated by Roberto Ronca

At the Foundation OPERA CAMPANA DEI CADUTI | Rovereto (Tn) | Italy
from 7 September to 31 December 2019

Attached you will find the project, the regulation and the application form.
To partecipate to the selections is necessary to read the information very carefully
and carefully follow the instructions






All the Best



03_32x32_facebook.png 04_32x32_facebook.png 06_32x32_facebook.png 09_32x32_facebook.png 03_32x32_youtube.png 03_32x32_linkedin.png 01_32x32_linkedin.png 01_32x32_linkedin.png 06_32x32_linkedin.png

Mail priva di virus. www.avg.com

Dear Davis Lisboa




Rules and Conditions of the Symposium

1. Time and place

The 1st International Sculptures and Paintings Symposium Dakar 2019 will be held in SENEGAL, DAKAR, from the May 10th to May 21st,2019 at the hotel complex Art Sou soum Hotel and Cices Dakar information : www.sousoumhotel.com

2. Symposium targets

· - Promoting the arts and artists and make Senegal an artistic destination.
- Linking relationships between artists from all sides
- Artistic and cultural exchange between artists from all over the world
- To promote high quality contemporary arts availability to public, raise public interest in culture, preservation of cultural heritage.
· Development of tourism in the region.

The 1st International Sculpture and painting Symposium, is organized by Ousmane Gueye artist sculptor in association with the Ministry of Culture of Senegal .

3. The topic of the Symposium


· Marbles,2 cubic meters ;

· Granite, 2 cubic meters;
· Metal sheets and profiles (steel, stainless steel);
· Wood of oak or linden for interior sculptures
· Bronze, casting in a highly professional workshop by the models of sculptures made of plastiline during the Symposium;
· Canvases, acrylic paints for painters;

FOR THE SCULPTORS AND CERAMISTS ARTISTS,The high office of the culture of Senegal will provide for each artist with a maximum of 2 cubic meters, 2 stones (rocks) in total, sized and preformed according to the artist's orders as dimensional specifications.

The organizers will provide power and air compressor, angle grinder 9". the office of the symposium will provide also all the listed tools and materials from the artists by sending proposals, for the wood, glasses and ceramics artists, the materials and tools are provided according to the artist’s orders, The theme of the symposium is free.

5. The Symposium provides

· Accommodation and food at the hotel Sou Soum Dakar; http://www.sousoumhotel.com/

· Materials for the sculptures: stone (marble or granite), metal (steel or stainless steel), Plasticine for making a model,casting in bronze after the end of the Symposium;

· For metal sculptors welding and cutting machines, grinders, another tools, working space;
· The equipped studio for painters with painting materials: acrylic, canvases, brushes;
6. The participants are obliged :

· To accomplish the sculpture or paintings in accordance with the selected projects or sketches;
· To take part in the traditional painting competition;
· To be present at the working place during the working time of symposium;

7. The procedure of application and selecting the participants of the Symposium.
The participants of the Symposium will be selected on the base of projects of the sculptures, painting sketches and documents.
All the necessary sketches and documents should be send at sds_afrique_ouest@yahoo.fr

· The filled and signed registration form, doc format ;
· Artist CV,Resume.
· Minimum 2 photos of your previous sculpture works of monumental size in the selected materials for sculptors and no less than 5 photos of previous painting artworks for painters .

· For sculptors: photos of models of suggesting sculptures from 4 points of view; the description of the project (the title of the sculpture, material, size, explanation of the artistic idea);
· For painters: color sketches, lay out, artistic motives for the painting works which you like to realize during symposium, the description of the artistic concepts;

8. Other conditions :

· Participant can use other materials for the sculpture;
· Participant can be accompanied by someone
· The symposium does not cover other expenses of artists such as beverages, cell phone charges etc;
· The organizers have rights for publish the artworks, created during Symposiums;


All painters will have a stand (12’ width X 8’ height), as well as a table and a chair at their disposal ,we will provide the lighting if needed and easel .

The Painter can bring along a maximum of 6 paintings to display at your stand
(exceptions for sculptors).

- All blank canvases have to be identified by the Sales committee at your arrival.
- Your canvases may be covered with washes of subtle color or with different
Texture mediums, but NO DRAWING that is begun on the canvases will be

- All mediums are accepted.

The sculptures produced by the artists in the symposium will be placed in The Sculpture Park of the city Dakar and the painting produced by the painters will be placed and sale in the Gallery Arts Dakar .


The accommodation (motel,double rooms) and food will be provided by the Municipality and sponsors,companions can come on their own expenses.


The travel expenses for all artists will be covered as follows: 50% of the travel costs from the artists outside Africa, 75% of the travel costs from the artists living in Africa


For Painter who has completed 6 paintings at the end of the Symposium will be given the amount of 2,000.00 Euros along with the certificate of participation all sizes are accepted .


For the sculptor who has completed his work will be given a total of 2,500.00 euros. The half of the total amount will be paid in the second week of the symposium; the remaining will be given after the symposium is completed, along with the certificate of participation


The Dakar Municipality will provide tents and cover roof, water, tee, coffee in the symposium site during the symposium.

The working area will be indoors and outdoors, close to the motel.


The artists are obligated to remain in the symposium work area during the symposium working hours ,working hours Tuesday to Saturday from (9:30 AM to 5:00 PM) after the working hours the artists can make they own activity for visit the City of Dakar ,the island of Goree who is a world historic patrimony .


Each artist are allowed for not more than 2 assistants ,the assistants,will benefit also the 50% of the flight tickets costs accorded by the high office of the culture ,the assistants will benefit also the residency room for free including food if they share the same residency room with the artist .

If you are interest for the symposium please contact Dakar Arts Symposium 2019 the application portfolio including all the documents listed , must be sent to email address below:


Mr Ousmane

BP : DAK`ARTS 2019- 2244. Dakar Painting and sculpture Symposium 2019

Email : sds_afrique_ouest@yahoo.fr

Tel :
+ 221 - 77-389-45 68
+ 221 - 76-389-45-68

or Visit our website :



Dear Davis

Applications for the 8th edition of
ORA Award are now open

ORA Award is one of the longest running art awards in Italy. In the 8th edition, the jury is composed of 11 galleries. 10 galleries will select one artist each for a collaboration (solo, group show, or other event) to be realised in the 2019-20 exhibition season; while the 11th gallery, Massimo De Luca in Venice, will host a group exhibition comprising 5 artists selected by curator Eva Comuzzi, president of the jury for this edition.

Each gallery in the jury will evaluate each profile impartially and autonomously in order to select artists with whom they have not previously worked, and in whom they areinterestedfor a potentially ongoing collaboration.
Over the years, many artists who won previous editions of ORA have established long-lasting relationships with the galleries thatselectedthem, and are now active artists on the international scene.

Dear Davis,
Do not miss the chance to bid on Forum Auctions: Urban Jungle IV, featuring works by Barbara Kruger, Banksy, Mr. Brainwash, and more.
Browse the sale and works below:

Forum Auctions: Urban Jungle IV
Bidding Closes:Monday, April 1st at 4:00pm BST (11:00pm EDT)
Register to bid here.

If you would like to receive any condition report, additional images or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask - I would be delighted to help.


Vanessa Zingale | Artsy Auctions
Artsy Auctions: How bidding works

Toxic Mary, 2004
Screenprint in colours
26 4/5 × 18 1/2 in, Edition of 600
Bid on Artsy
View on Artsy

Unspoken Words, 2017
The deluxe publication
10 3/5 × 10 3/5 × 2 in, Edition of 100
Bid on Artsy
View on Artsy

Small Lie (Brown), 2017
The painted cast vinyl multiple
11 in
Bid on Artsy
View on Artsy
Vanessa Zingale
Artsy ⁄ 401 Broadway, 25th Floor, New York, NY 10013
Update email preferences

Beautiful illustrations!

Nehemiah Nesheim
Illustrator and Designer


Saint Paul, MN, USA.

Hola Davis

Me encantan tus pinturas...¡¡son surpreendentes y inquietas!!
¡Te busco espacio donde exponer!
¿En qué fechas te va bien hacerlo?

Un abrazo

Celena Gómes, Portugal.


The 24-26 of May 2019 will already see the 27th edition of the Huntenkunst art festival, held in the SSP Hal in the village of Ulft, the Netherlands. Here, in their individual display units, artists will be personally available to show and discuss their work. The arts manifestation of Huntenkunst, which focuses on contemporary visual art, follows a mixed concept of part exhibition, part art fair. It offers a melting pot of artistic styles both in character and in technique. 230 artists from 30 countries take part in the event. As in previous years, the many new artists among them will most certainly change the face of Huntenkunst through their personal contributions.

Every year, artists from one of the many countries represented at the event, are given central-stage. For 2019, Huntenkunst opted for Finland. Following in the tracks of Danish artists, whose work was highlighted in 1999 the work of eight Finnish artists will receive special attention. Extra attention will also go to young artists participating at the event. There will be display units for nine recent art school graduates.

There is a lot to discover at Huntenkunst and the artists will be happy to show and tell about their work in person. Huntenkunst offers a relaxed atmosphere, contributed to by the artists’ presence at the event.

We expect that the 2020 event will take place from 15 to 17 May 2020.

24 May 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. SSP-Hal DRU-laan 2 NL-7071 BV Ulft
25 May 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. contact: +31 315 681961
26 May 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (or, for the duration of the event: +31 6 23456 476)
Free parking space available in the area.

Venice . April 11 - May 03, 2019
Deadline: March 17, 2019

Venice International Art Fair is a contemporary art fair that presents collective and solo projects by leading and emerging international artists. Founded in 2001 by ITSLIQUID Group the 11th edition will represent a forum for direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers and art professionals. The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, installations, video art and live performance.
Venice International Art Fair provides artists and exhibitors with the unique opportunity to present their works to an international audience of professionals as curators, gallerists, collectors, editors and publishers who seek to acquire, publish and encourage the best contemporary art talents.

To take part in the selection, send your works' submissions with a CV/biography, some still images (for video-art), links of videos/performances and pictures to lucacurci@lucacurci.com

Dear Davis Lisboa

Become a Saatchi Gallery member today to receive an exclusive invitation to the VIP launch of Kaleidoscope.

Saatchi Gallery membership comes with great benefits to those who join up to the membership privileges.

If you sign up before 14 March you will be invited to attend the exclusive VIP champagne launch of our major new exhibition KALEIDOSCOPE on Thursday 14 March from 6:30pm - 9pm.

Kaleidoscope is a new exhibition featuring the work of 9 international contemporary artists working across a variety of mediums, including Laura Buckley’s interactive large-scale kaleidoscope Fata Morgana. The immersive, dazzling and disorienting piece will be making its first major public appearance as a part of the exhibition. Kaleidoscope examines the distortion of human perception, moving from normal domestic spaces, to turbulent nautical vistas and eventually complete abstraction. It is a timely exploration of our relationship with our surroundings, asking viewers to reconsider the way we engage with our environment - and indeed art itself.

Membership is just £12 and entitles you to great benefits, including:

- Invitations to Saatchi Gallery private views and galas
- Invitations to talks and lectures at the Saatchi Gallery
- 5% off all Saatchi Gallery Prints, Editions and Originals
- Free exhibition guides when visiting the Saatchi Gallery
- 10% off all food and drink at Gallery Mess Restaurant
- 25% discount on Art & Music Magazine
- 10% discount in Saatchi Gallery Store

For more information on Saatchi Gallery Membership and how to become a member, visit www.saatchigallery.com/membership or email membership@saatchigallery.com

Bonjour Davis Lisboa!

J'ai découvert votre Instagram grâce aux artistes que vous suivez :)
et j'aime beaucoup votre instagram : beau travail :)
J'espère que vous apprécierez aussi mon projet @laurentberrebiartwork...
je vous laisse découvrir...
Mon site web : https://bit.ly/2Dejexg
Merci d'avance pour le follow :) Ou pour le partage :))
Très bonne journée!

Laurent Berrebi, artiste, France.

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 ● 6 PM - Midnight
Ambient or Interactive Performances
Deadline for Submission: Monday, March 18th
Artists will be compensated.

Chashama is seeking artists - individuals, organizations and/or groups - for our annual Gala. Apply here!

Installation load-in might be a month, might be a week, might be a day - we'll know soon and will let you know ASAP. Flexibility is key!
Your installation should follow our rule of 3 for this year: no mess, easy install, easy clean-up.
Unlike previous years, this year's Gala will likely be a party-without-walls. For proposal purposes, please envision it as more of a "bazaar" than a "labyrinth".

Performance Artists - wandering/prowling or stationary
Installation Pieces - overflowing with your subconscious
***Important Note*** - The less sound involved with your performance submissions, the better.

Want to paint a canvas and your body while pole dancing? Put on a meandering performance of Othello? Hold court at a miniature table with a full tea-time spread? We invite you to engage with an audience of 800+ guests as only you know how.

To Apply:
Fill out this Google Form by Monday, March 18th at 12 AM.

*****REQUIRED: ALL Artists are required to be present from 4 PM - Midnight on June 13th, 2019 AND attend an orientation on Monday, June 3rd.*****

Our mailing address is:
675 Third Ave
32nd Floor
New York, NY 10017

Davis Lisboa

We cordially invite you to send us your good design work; products, projects, services, concepts and offerings for award consideration. Bring attention to your work by winning the A' Design Award, the symbol of international design excellence.

The design award is open to all brands, individuals, governments, media, academics, professionals and institutions from all countries; last year there were participants from all countries, making it the most international design event of the year. The award jury is 213 person big and is composed of prominent scholars, design professionals and press members.

Deadline for entries is on February 28, 2019. Results will be announced on April 15, 2019. Exhibition and Gala-Night will be in Italy. Laureates will be granted PR, marketing and publicity including a special quality logo & excellence certificate.

Submit your application today to highlight:

Leading Creativity
Excellence in Design
Registrations can be made here: http://dezigners.org/?R238916

Presentation of the A' Design Award: http://dezigners.org/?L238916

List of all participation categories are available here: http://dezigners.org/?C238916

We invited you especially for the good design award: http://dezigners.org/?F238916 you can submit your work to any category that fits.

60 Seconds Video

Save the Date: Deadline is on February 28.World's largest and most international design accolade, participants from all countries, all industries, competing for design excellence.Coveted, famed, prestigious. Grand Jury Panel, fair evaluation.Blind peer-review process. Gala-Night, International Exhibition.Nominate Your Designlist of laureates
modular sofadinner set cupboardmultifunctional sofachair
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great design deserves great recognition.Nominate Your Design Thank you very much for having a look at our presentation and laureates. Please kindly forward this communication to all your friends, colleauges and co-workers who would be interested in design and please share our call for nominations at your social networking channels. Please feel free to visit dezigners.org and share some of the greatest designs in the world with your design oriented audiences. Our official call for entries press release is available here in 40 languages: http://dezigners.org/?N238916
Elena Miller
Executive Account Manager
A' Design Award & Competition

Dear Davis

I contact you because I have seen your art online and think that it would fit perfectly into our current art project.

Our project will take place for the fourth time in August 2019 in the SBB Event Hall at the Zurich Central Station - 400'000 visitors are expected. In the same hall art is shown again and again, one of the "Nana" sculptures by Nikki de St.Phalle and a work of art by Mario Merz with the Fibonacci numbers are represented in the permanent exhibition. In recent years, successful art projects have been carried out in Miami (during Art Basel), Basel (during Art Basel) and New York (during Armory Art Weeks).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes


General Guisan Strasse 6
Postfach 3533
6303 Zug
P: +41 79 788 02 02

Dear Davis

Many thanks for your connection friendship kind regards
Selection exhibition Rome, La Pigna Gallery,
We communicate it's been opened the selection process to take part to our next exhibitions of contemporary art :
curated by Rosi Raneri (art critic and artistic director, based in Rome);
Over the realms dreams,
Rome, La Pigna Gallery, from the 21 december 2018 to 4 january 2019
The choice of the theme is free to guarantee the pluralism of expression.
.If you are interested to receive more details about the show, please contact me (deadline 10th december) ranerieventiarte@gmail.com e arteeventi@rosiraneri.it or linkedin

We would like to inform you, that we have started the selection process to take part on our next solo exhibitions to be held in Rome at the La Pigna Gallery

With Best Regards,
Rosi Raneri
Art Director
Raneri Eventi Arte
based In Rome

Dear Davis,

We are organizing an art show and would like to invite you to view our website at www.artvancouver.net as it might be of interest to you!

Art Vancouver is Western Canada’s international art fair, we feature local and international artists and galleries over 4 days of exciting events. This year’s event is taking place at The Vancouver Convention Centre, April 25-28th, 2019. The event provides an excellent means of meeting with art collectors, dealers, curators, consultants and interior designers, making this a great show for new marketing openings.

If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list or have any questions please feel free to contact us at: info@artvancouver.net

I have attached the artist package with more information.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

Best regards,

Art Vancouver

Wow, ¡muy buen trabajo, Davis!
Me guardo tu página por si surge alguna oportunidad en el futuro.

Cristina Sanchón

Content Manager/ Social Media Manager
Darwin Social Noise
Madrid, España

The Other Art Fair x Saatchi Art

Dear Davis Lisboa

As you know, most of what we do at Saatchi Art is online in order to enable a global audience of collectors and art lovers to discover your work. But, we also recognize the importance of looking at art in person. This is why we have partnered with The Other Art Fair to present fairs around the world to an audience of seasoned art collectors, gallerists, and critics.

The Other Art Fair is the leading artist fair to discover and buy art direct from the very best emerging artistic talent. Browse The Other Art Fair: 2019 Artist Guide to learn more, and apply here to join our Spring fairs - London, LA, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Melbourne.

Dear Davis,

I am writing from the Art Gallery Gaudí in Madrid; a Gallery that has been promoting artists both nationally and internationally for more than 30 years, to invite you to be part of our next international project.

I propose to start 2019 with the Great Exhibiton of Contemporary Art in London, which will take place from the 11th to the 17th of February in the historic heart of Mayfair, at the Herrick Gallery, at 93 of Piccadilly Street. It is a very good occasion in terms of sales opportunities and the amount of public that comes, among which are of course; international gallery owners, curators and private collectors.

The participation modalities, as well as the rest of the information related to the fair, can be found in the pdf that I enclose in this e-mail.

We would like very much to have your work and to represent you both in London and in Madrid; in order to continue working on your promotion and in the search for potential buyers.

Do not hesitate to ask me any questions that may arise.


Galería Gaudí
García de Paredes 76, Madrid
Tel: +34 91 702 03 36

"Um museu que cabe nas mãos!! incrível e genial!!!!"
Gilberto Lefèvre, ilustrador, São Paulo, Brasil.

Hola... Me gusta lo que vi de tu trabajo! ¿tienes instagram o una página?
Los griegos no escribían epitafios, tan sólo preguntaban: ¿TENÍA PASIÓN?
Soy un apasionado Publicista, Creativo Web y multimedia

Mi instagram es @joel_arte y estoy retomando mi PASIÓN y me encantaría TU OPINIÓN o Consejo!

Joel Astete Zúñiga
Creativo • Diseñador Web • Publicista • Illustrador
Caracas, Venezuela

Hola Davis, gracias por contactarte. Son excelente tus trabajos y proyectos! Sin duda los tendré presente a la hora de requerir algo, no creo que la distancia sea tema, si quizás el budget ;-) jeje. Un abrazo. Javier

Javi Pérez
Creative Director en KANSEI CHILE

Benvolgut Davis Lisboa


En dues setmanes ja s’han inscrit prop de 300 persones amb ganes de reflexionar, debatre i dialogar sobre LA DIMENSIÓ SOCIAL DELS MUSEUS.

El Fòrum dels Museus és un espai de trobada, inicialment virtual, de tota la comunitat museística per conèixer l’estat del Sistema de Museus català i per debatre aquells temes que més interessen o amoïnen.

Si encara no ho has fet, t'animem a que t'inscriguis. I en la mesura que puguis, fes extensiva la invitació a tota la gent del teu voltant vinculada als museus, sigui quina sigui la seva funció i la seva forma contractual. Com més gent siguem i més diversa, més ric serà el debat.

Recollirem els vostres comentaris i aportacions per identificar els temes i continguts que generen més interès, i aquests seran la base del debat del Fòrum.

Quina és la filosofia del Fòrum dels Museus i com funciona? Aquí hi trobaràs tota la informació.

T’hi esperem!

Servei de Museus

"One of the best museum concepts around. And it is more than just a museum."

Francesc Torres ha opinado de
Davis Museum | The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona:
***** 5 estrellas

3 de diciembre de 2016

Dear Davis Lisboa
We inform you that your information is included in the “Publitramesa en l’àmbit dels museus i patrimoni” treatment activity of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which aims to promote and disseminate the activities and services of the Department of Culture in the field of museums and heritage through the sending of communications, announcements of institutional events and bulletins.
We would very much like to stay in touch with you. Therefore, if you want to continue receiving these communications, you need to update your information on the form that you will find in the following link.
Remember that you can exercise the rights of access, rectification or deletion of data and the limitation or opposition to the treatment, by writing to the Directorate General of Cultural Heritage by post or an email and signed electronically with an electronic DNI or recognized digital certificate).
You can check here our personal data protection policy.
Thank you very much for your confidence.
Museum Service and Protection of Artistic Goods
General Direction of Cultural Heritage
Portaferrissa, 1 (Moja Palace)
08002 Barcelona

Dear Davis Lisboa,

Congratulations! Saatchi Art has recently sold your work,
Robert Filliou #10, to a Cypriot art collector.

Thanks for being a part of the Saatchi Art community!

Your Saatchi Art Support Team

Dear Davis,

Apply online now for the Spring edition of The Other Art Fair London 14-17 March 2019.

Back in its home city for the 15th time, the next edition of the fair will be held in East London's iconic Old Truman Brewery, a diverse and exciting part of city and the perfect location in which to present the next line-up of emerging artists.

Fully built stand with name board and spotlights
PR, marketing and support from the fair, Saatchi Art and its curatorial team
Exposure to our extensive network of gallerists, museum professionals, critics and collectors
Access to Saatchi Art's global database of collectors and designers before and after the fair
Ongoing marketing support following the fair
Pre-fair artist workshop hosted by the fair director and team
A profile on saatchiart.com/theotherartfair with the opportunity to be featured as a fair highlight in Saatchi Art collections and on our Canvas blog

Deadline to Apply: Friday 30 November, 2018

Best wishes,

Saatchi Art
1655 26th St, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Estimado Davis,

Le escribo desde VAN GOGH Art Gallery, una galería ubicada en el centro de Madrid que apuesta por el arte contemporáneo con proyección internacional.

He tenido el placer de ver sus trabajos a través de Saatchi y su web y me han parecido muy interesantes. Es por ello que estaremos encantados de presentarle nuestro próximo proyecto, la feria Aqua Art Miami (5-9 de diciembre), celebrada durante la Art Week en Miami.

Si le interesa el proyecto, quedamos a su disposición. Estaremos encantados de presentarle la información completa junto a las condiciones de participación.

Además, sería un placer invitarle a conocer VAN GOGH Art Gallery en Madrid.

Muchas gracias por su atención.

Un cordial saludo,

Lucía Pérez


Lucía Pérez
VAN GOGH Art Gallery
p:910 805 876
a:Calle de las Hileras 6

Davis, enhorabuena por tu color, tu movimiento, tu libertad a la hora de crear formas, tu falta de miedo, nunca dejas de sorprenderme porque no dejas de experimentar. La vorágine que manejas, aunque me recuerda en cierta medida al chileno Roberto Matta,, es absolutamente personal, uno nunca sabe si vas a introducir una reminiscencia clásica, o un personaje de Disney, pero en tus cuadros reina el color impúdico , excesivo y vibrante. Espero poder ver tu trabajo al natural.

Karen Kruse

Hola Davis,

Espero que todo vaya muy bien.

Me hace mucha ilusión compartir contigo que esta semana se inaugura en el Noguchi Museum de Nueva York mi nueva exposición individual, "Jorge Palacios at The Noguchi Museum", en la que se muestran mis últimos trabajos a lo largo del Museo en diálogo con la colección permanente de esculturas del maestro Isamu Noguchi. La exposición ha sido comisariada por Dakin Hart, Comisario Jefe del Noguchi Museum.

También forma parte de esta exposición la escultura de gran formato “Link”, instalada entre la quinta avenida y Broadway, frente al Flatiron, uno de mis edificios favoritos de Manhattan.

Si justo te encuentras por Nueva York y puedes acompañarnos, no dudes en avisar para poder pedir al Museo que incluya tu nombre en la lista de invitados. En cualquier caso, si tienes planeado venir en los próximos meses será una alegría verte, compartir contigo nuestro nuevo estudio de escultura en el centro de Manhattan, en el que ya llevamos cerca de dos años desarrollando ideas y creando proyectos, y visitar juntos la exposición.

Un abrazo,

Jorge Palacios
+1 (929) 855 - 4477
+34 658 609 039
500 West 23rd Street. Chelsea
New York, NY 10011

Bonjour, Davis Lisboa

Je suis tombé amoureux de ce tableau! J'aimerai l'acheter, mais j'ai un budget limité...quel est le prix?

Daniel Marcoux (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Hola Davis,

No se si te acuerdas de mi, soy Fernando Codina.

Quería felicitarte por tu trabajo que publicas en Instagram. Me parece maravilloso. Me gustaría regalarle un cuadro a mi mujer pintado por ti. Un retrato suyo. Y me preguntaba que coste tendría.

Saludos y ya me dirás.

Fernando Codina
Barcelona, España

Buenos días, Davis:

Disculpa, no nos conocemos. Mi nombre es Aida y me pongo en contacto contigo para hacerte llegar la convocatoria de la 7ª edición de CULTUR3 CLUB, feria dirigida a artistas de diferentes disciplinas que se llevará a cabo del 6 al 9 de septiembre en el Palacio de Revillagigedo de Gijón.

Te envío algunos enlaces con información y si estás interesado o tienes alguna duda, agradecería que te pusieras en contacto con nosotros.

Esta es la página web de Cultur3 Club:

El enlace a la convocatoria de la próxima edición:

Aquí el de nuestro canal de Vimeo donde vamos subiendo vídeos de algunos de los artistas que pasan por la feria. El vídeo es de Amalia Pereira.

Agradeciendo tu tiempo y atención y en espera de tu respuesta, te envío un cordial saludo.

Aida Alvarez

Hola Davis Lisboa

Soy Verónica de MundoArti.com, un proyecto apoyado por el Ministerio de Cultura para promocionar artistas.

Tras ver tu trabajo, te hemos seleccionado para formar parte de los 30 artistas que llevarán a cabo una exposición itinerante e individual, durante los años 2018 y 2019.

Llámame y hablamos.

Un saludo,

Verónica Cifuentes Aznar
Gestora de nuevos proyectos culturales

Good evening Davis,

We have saw your pictoric artworks and we really like them. We are an online art gallery and an art fair with 26 years of experience. We would love to count with you artworks at www.flecha.es.

Also we would like to tell you we make different art fairs around Spain and we would love you to participate.


Rocío Cervera

To : Davis Lisboa Bezerra
E-Mail davis@davislisboa.com

Great Masters of XVII - XVIII century painting

For sale works by great Spanish painters of the XVII and XVIII century.
We collect offers for block purchase of n. 5 paintings by great masters of Spanish painting (Murillo, Alonso Cano, Cornelio Schut, Juan del Castillo and n.1 work of the landscape designer Patrick Nasmyth.
Below is a list of the works:
- Transverberation of Santa Teresa, of Cornelio Schut
- Christ of patience and humility, by Alonso Cano
- Portrait Miguel de Mañara, of Murillo
- Immaculate Conception of Juan del Castillo
- Scotland Castle by Patrick Nasmyth
- San Pedro de Murillo
It will be possible to view the lot only once time when collection is complete, to verify the authenticity of the works.
Upon indication of Mandator and for reasons of confidentiality, images of works can not be published. To receive the photo report of the same it is necessary to complete and send the attached confidentiality agreement to e-mail adress info@gobid.es.
To participate in collection it will be necessary to register on website www.gobid.it to download the offer form attached to the sale page and send it duly signed to the addresses info@gobid.es and gobid@pec.it.
At the end of offer collection period, with users who have sent their irrevocable purchase offer, if deemed appropriate, the authenticity of the works of art and of the original reference documentation will be checked.
For further information consult specific sales terms.
Ends Fri 20 July 2018 at 15:00

Welcome to the 21st Art Expo Beijing

Dear Davis Lisboa:

2018 Art Expo Beijing is scheduled to be held at the China International Exhibition Center (No. 6 East Road of Northern Third Ring Road) from August 30 to September 2, 2018. It will once again offer a gorgeous art feast to Chinese and foreign collectors. After more than 20 years of elaborated work, Beijing Art Fair has become the most comprehensive art exhibition in China with the largest volume and the trend of art development. It has established the most extensive and efficient communication platform among galleries, art institutions and collectors; it has become the oldest, highest specification, the most popular, and the most influential artistic brand event in Beijing.
The 20th Art Expo Beijing in 2017 attracted 100 galleries and art institutions from 15 countries and regions including China, France, Germany, the United States, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Sweden, Spain, South Korea and the Netherlands. During the four-day exhibition, more than 38,000 visitors attended the fair, with a total turnover of 131 million yuan. The "sculpture style" which is a staple of this exhibition including Taiwan Rich Art, Zhu Bingren Art Museum and Sina Sculpture became the most popular area.
Under the policy of establishing Beijing National Cultural Center, 2018 Beijing Art Fair will be held on the theme of "Arts Leads Future", there specialized zones designed for the theme including Contemporary International Gallery Area, Famous Recommended Area, Classic Art and Contemporary Art Design Area. More than 100 Chinese and foreign galleries and art galleries exhibiting will provide art collectors and viewers with a distinctive experience and experience of contemporary art, and will provide a more refined and unique platform for the discovery and exploration of art for collectors and visitors. At the same time, through the organization of a series of forums and lectures, as well as artistic tours linking Beijing's art hot spots, you can feel the most intuitively the booming Chinese art market.
Hereby, we sincerely invite art galleries and institutions from all over the world to participate in the 21st Art Expo Beijing in golden September to achieve great resplendence!
Date and Venue
Venue: China International Exhibition Center
Address: Jing’anzhuang, North Third Ring Road East Road,Chaoyang District, Beijing
Date: 30th August—2nd of September, 2018
Total Exhibition Areas: 15,000 m2
State Owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality
Exhibition Scope: Paintings, Oil Paintings, Water Color, Mural Paintings, Photo, Print Paintings, Sculptures, Installation, Art Design, Multimedia etc..

Foundation of the Beijing International Art Exposition
Beijing Cultural Creation Painting Academy
Beijing Ying He Communication Co., Ltd
Beijing Yibo Chang’e International Exhibition & Convention Centre
Application Deadline:June 30, 2018
Notification of Result:July 10, 2018
Check-in and Installation:9:00AM, Sep 6 to 6:00PM, 2018
Admission Ticket: RMB50 1

Contact:Rolls Wu (Executive Director)
The Organizing Committee of Art Expo Beijing
Add: Rm.1804, No.4 Building, No.15 GuangHua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Post code: 100026
Tel:+86-10-8571-8825, +86-18801179108(mobile)

Application Deadline: Friday 15 June.


London October 2018

Dear Davis Lisboa,

We are thrilled to let you know that, following a successful Spring edition this March, The Other Art Fair London will be back in October to coincide with Frieze.

Applications are now open and we invite you to apply via the following link:

4-7 October 2018
Victoria House

Application deadline: 15 June
Click here to apply.

Now established in 6 cities across the globe, The Other Art Fair London is recognized as the leading fair for emerging artists to meet and sell directly to a new generation of art buyers. In addition to offering an in-person platform to bring their artworks to market, each fair weekend enables artists to raise their PR and marketing profile in the contemporary art world, meet and engage with Saatchi Art's curators and leading figures in the art establishment, gauge the public's response to their works, and meet fellow artists for potential future collaborations.

For more information please click here or contact Fair Manager Jessica Chow at jessica@theotherartfair.com.

Click Here to Apply

We wish you the best of luck with your application!

Our mailing address is:
Saatchi Art
1655 26th St, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Hey Davis Museum Team,

We are really happy to have you onboard!

If you want to get on a quick call about how museuly can bring more exposure to your place - just let us know!

Skype or phone, it won't take more than 15 min.

Feel free to contact us in relation to any issues or questions!


museuly team

Dear Davis

I was very interested by your introduction this friday. Coming from Belgium and very interested by the Marcel Broodthaers' works and Belgian Surrealism too. I would be pleased to propose a project for the Davis Museum. Do you make open calls or it is only by donation?

Best regards,

Claire Ducène
Visual artist
Lives and works in Brussels & Barcelona

Hey Davis, wonderful vibe throughout your work. Love it. Is there any show coming up in Belgium where I could see your beauties in real life?


Us recordem la propera celebració, el 26 de maig, del III CONCURS DE PINTURA RÀPIDA POTAU-CAMPDESUÑER, Tarragona, i us animem a participar-hi. En aquesta edició, augmentem la dotació dels premis i incorporem el guardó especial 'Vila vidriera'. Us adjuntem les bases. Podeu fer la preinscripció al correu comunicacio@vimbodiipoblet.cat .

Le recordamos la próxima celebración, el 26 de mayo, del III CONCURS DE PINTURA RÀPIDA POTAU-CAMPDESUÑER, Tarragona, y le emplazamos a participar en el mismo. En esta edición, aumentamos la dotación de los premios e incorporamos el premio 'Vila vidriera'. Le adjuntamos las bases. Puede efectuar la preinscripción a través del correo comunicacio@vimbodiipoblet.cat .

Gràcies per l'interès.



Plaça Major, 1
43430 Vimbodí i Poblet
Tel.: 977 87 83 44
Fax: 977 87 84 31